Wow, SO much has happened since I last updated on here! I’ll give y’all a QUICK run down!

In April of last year, I was officially casted on a BRAND NEW weight-loss show (title still pending), for the TLC Network. I spent 4.5 months of my life sweating and working hard to overcome my life long addiction and struggle with food!

All and all, I lost over 63 pounds and YOU will all get to watch me do it on TV! My show will premiere in February, with my episode debuting sometime in March – I will keep you posted!

As I’ve overcome so much in 2015, I’ve started to step out in my new found passion for health and fitness, and have started coaching people and leading others to experiencing their own success. I strive to help people achieve their fitness and health goals and enjoy a healthy, and also fulfilling life!

My goal is to use my new platform and blend it with my love for traveling, health and fitness and expand my YouTube channel.

Next up on my TO-DO list: to build the right team for success! I have an awesome commercial agent and the next 2 for my team that I need are a dynamite theatrical and hosting agent!

If interested in representing me & chatting further about a potential working relationship, please contact me at:

I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. But, I am not going to get there by watching…I will by working! So, here I go! Off to shoot more videos and accomplish my dreams…one day at a time!



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  1. Chey

    We have always believed in you. Remember Gods put the dream in your heart so you can do it (phil 4;13) love you

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