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What are my TWO biggest passions in this world?! PEOPLE & TALKING. Haha, ok well definitely ┬ápeople and COMMUNICATING with them are a MAJOR loves of mine! About 2 years ago, I decided to combine the two, as well as my love for nutrition & fitness, and created my first YouTube show entitled, “Living Fit & Fabulous.” I had a great success and loved sharing and SHOWING my own 90 pound weight loss journey.

I am now making some changes. My goal is to still inspire others, however, I am much more than just a fitness and health expert. I love Hollywood and film. I love to connect and share with others. I’m an avid sports fan who can hang with the boys! I absolutely love children & am blessed to make a living in between acting jobs by nannying.

So with all this in mind, I decided to create a NEW YouTube Show AND BLOG – all dedicated to the things that make up me!

This is where: CAMERACHEYTV was born! My new blog & YouTube Show focuses on health, fitness, sports, celebrity news and my life in Hollywood!

Go check all the fun & craziness out at: CAMERACHEYTV.com



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